The Elizabeth Black Collection!
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Join today to get NEW, HAND-DYED wool by Gene Shepherd!  Each month Gene will send you a unique collection of related wools, in spots and textures, that can all be used together in your hooked projects.  While all collections include a range of values, the new series will having more spotted look.  

1/2 Yard Plan:

$37/Month for US customers

$41/month for Canadian customers.


Full Yard Plan

$69.50 /month for US customers

$73/month for Canadian customers


This is a great way to build your stash!

Accepting this offer commits the buyer to 1 year of membership in the WOOL OF THE MONTH CLUB. You will receive a bill each month... no more automatic payments!

To be part of the Wool of the Month Club and receive your choice of 1/2 yard or full yard of hand died wool, simply choose your plan below and make your first month’s payment. You’ll receive an invoice each month to continue your membership.  It’s more simple than ever!

1/2 Yard Plans

Full Yard Plans

$37/ Month

US Members

$73/ Month

Canadian Members

$41/ Month

Canadian Members

$69.50/ Month

US Members

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