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 Internet Rug Camp: 
 For only $36 you can have 12 months of access, 24/7 to Gene’s expanded blog, 75 instructional videos on demand, Free Patterns & Chances to win Giveaways.

Gene’s Store: 
 On line shopping for hand dyed wool, Gene’s special hooks, books, Bee Line cutters and frames, patterns & everything else you need to make a rug.

Wool Of The Month Club:
The Wool of the Month Club has been a HUGE success! We’re now offering a new way to join... no more monthly automatic payments! We’ll send you a bill each month... simpler than ever before!!

Free Blog:  
Short excerpts from the IRgC.

Cambria Pines:  
Registration for Cambria Pines Rug Camp, the first full week of June in Cambria, CA.

Rugs For Sale:
  A gallery of finished art pieces. 
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Wool of the Month Club!!!
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